Updates - DIY Modular Analog Synth #1.5

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

This post will self-destruct within the next few weeks. I just want to specify why I am so slow in publishing this series.

This series of posts/tutorials are quite complex to work on. I need time to write the posts, I need time to experiment with the electronics itself and, most importantly, I need time to study. Not only to study how to do things but also to study the theory properly in order to explain it to you in the best and most accurate way possible.

In the meanwhile, all of this requires a certain amount of money: the components, the tools (soldering iron, breadboards…). I’m trying to be cheap and in the meanwhile to be able to bring some content to you. Therefore, I’ve decided to start working on some very simple modules, that cannot really be used in the final synth, but that allows us to understand how they work in the basics way and how to put together our synth. This allows me to split expensive purchases into different parts (for example, I won’t need any soldering iron at first), but to learn something together and be productive.

At the same time I’m starting university in a few days (in another city, I have to get comfortable and meet people too), I have to complete some developer work and I should be making progress on some musical stuff.

Also, I cannot be too slow, because I need this work to be done for another project of mine.

And I don’t want to have big delays in the posts, so I want to work a lot and schedule them with large advance.

I hope to be able to start this series in the first weeks of October, I’m starting to lay down the very first theoretical posts and I don’t think that should take me too much time.

In case you have any question you can comment on this post or message me on Instagram, whatever you prefer.