Plans for 2019

So… happy new year everybody! It’s 2019! Hope you had a great Christmas and generally speaking great holidays. It’s been a while since the last post, even if I originally wanted to have some weekly content.

In fact, this post wants to express all the plans and ideas I have for this blog for this year.

As you would have probably noticed I’ve also changed the blog theme. You’ll read more about that in a future post, no worries.

First of all, POST MORE OFTEN! I want to have a greater audience and to achieve that I need to have a sort of schedule. I will try to post more, especially in this very first period, and then I want to try to have at least a post every Sunday. (Is it a good weekday? If you have better options let me know in the comments ;))

Then, MORE CONTENT! Scheduled posts require ideas, for this reason, I’ll enlarge the type of posts you’ll be reading here:

  • personal projects
  • personal content
  • techy news and/or general articles
  • reviews?

To achieve my objectives, though, I need your help: I need you to start sharing the posts you like and commenting whenever you can.

Also, do you know I have an Instagram account? It is my main social and I use it to share updates about the blog, too!

See you in the next days! ;)